Dare Candy Co have been famous for their delicious vegan gummies for years, but their social media presence and thereby brand affinity were lagging behind the competition. While launching a new line of flavours, the brand knew they not only needed to make a big impression, but that it needed to last and word needed to spread.



An extraordinary and unforgettable experiential activation requires more than a stylized vehicle and free samples. Consumers must be excited and engaged by the brand’s essence throughout the day, but then those memories need to have staying power on social media, when they’re shared with friends and family.

Dare Candy Co’s social accounts were reinvented and relaunched in tandem with the largest activation in the brand’s history. Each element of the experiential campaign spring-boarded off one another — posts on social media drove consumers to taste fresh new candy at the activation, and the experience of the activation made them fall in love with the candy itself.

The social media launch was wildly successful and surpassed all expectations with almost 25 million impressions and 91% positive consumer tone.

Free Sweets Truck
Concept + Design
A product sampling truck toured Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver (as a literal and figurative vehicle), bringing Dare Candy Co to the people. Vibrant design morphed an ordinary food truck into something from a cartoon: branded characters waved from illustrated windows and Barry (the quirky and gregarious mascot) suntanned on the hood.

Prominent campaign hashtags let consumers follow the truck’s whereabouts on social media to catch up for an irresistible photo opportunity. Every element was designed to be fun, immediately recognizable, and insta-worthy to passers-by.
In the Age of Social Isolation
Activations + Social Integration

Experiential activations will be a way for brands to carefully break up the monotony and bring levity to crestfallen cities. However, our new reality dictates that these events will be less interactive and will invariably yield fewer in-person impressions than ever before.

This means that now, more than ever, activations must generate relatable content for audiences to share on social. In the age of social isolation, activations will need to thrive on social and have lasting power.
Memory Match Game
Product Design

Imagine consumers sitting down together to play a game that’s fun for all ages, while learning about your entire product line. The Memory Match Game did just that for Dare Candy Co, with illustrated images of all the favours from newly introduced SKUs.

Game sets were sent out to social media followers as part of prize packs — not only were they an effective Trojan Horse to build brand affinity, but quickly became a popular social media staple. Demand rose quickly and an extended production run was needed to accommodate future contests and promotions.
Sweet Experiences
Social Amplification
The experience of the Free Sweets sampling program needed to thrive and last on social media, so it was critical to make the product sampling experience just as visually exciting as it was tasty. Audiences eagerly snapped selfies with the campaign’s social-friendly nuances — Retro carnival cones filled with photogenic portions of gummies were the biggest hit of the campaign, becoming an instant social media staple.

Each of our selfie accessories were perfect for influencers to share with their audiences, creating a steady beat of shared and owned content throughout the campaign’s run. All told, the sampling program resulted in nearly 3.5 million social media impressions.

RealFruit Kaleidoscopes


Mesmerizing motion graphics featured brand new SKUs to put viewers into a proper RealFruit Gummy trance.

Dare Candy Co. Stickers
iMessage Emoji Stickers

The most frequently used emoticons were reimagined as RealFruit gummies, allowing consumers to insert Dare Candy Co’s playful brand personality into their regular conversations while broadening their product familiarity. The app was featured on Apple’s Editors’ Choice list, propelling it to become one of the top 20 free iMessage apps (without any paid promotion).

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