When filling their child’s lunchbox, parents need to have confidence in a snack’s quality, but they also need to know it won’t end up on the playground black market either! For Bear Paws, building brand recognition as a trusted snack was only half the battle — With over twenty flavours to choose from, getting parents to successfully identify their child’s favourites proved to be an achievement in its own right.



Connect with both parents and children through whimsical syndicated commercials and stills that inspire nostalgia. Stop-motion vignettes harkened back to beloved Saturday morning cartoons — the type of content mom and dad love to share with their kids and other parents on social media.

The series garnered thousands of shares and extraordinarily positive consumer tone. Social community managers even excitedly reported many touching messages about how the ads brightened a viewer’s day! Most importantly, Bear Paws acquired that coveted stamp of approval from both parents and kids.

The Cookie Crew
Social Media Series

Each flavour of Bear Paws cookies is visualized to express its unique characteristics. We imagined how Dipped Granola cookies might be made — perhaps it takes a toy construction crew to get the job done. And just how loud a Crunchy Milk Chocolate cookie can be — loud enough to make a dinosaur whimper! And what better way to convey the unexpected taste of Birthday Cake cookies than with a surprise party?

The Cookie Crew
Social Media Series

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