As an established American brand, Almond Breeze’s domestic messaging confidently focused on positioning the quality of their product versus their competitors. However, surveys indicated that 70% of Canadians were only familiar with their competitor, Silk as a dairy-alternative brand.



Amplify the existing “Love At First Breeze” platform with a comprehensive In-and-Out-of-Home campaign to create mass awareness and brand recognition. Consumers were reached throughout their daily routines, from their commute to work, to shopping, and meal preparation.

The amplification familiarized Canadians with Almond Breeze and set the stage for future campaigns to position the brand as a well-known contender in the Canadian market.

Sampling Program
Mall Activation
​​​A mini Californian almond orchard was the setting for consumer trials held in Toronto and Vancouver (Canada’s top locations for high conversion demographics).

Patrons shared photos on social media of their experience lounging in the beautiful space, while brand ambassadors imparted product knowledge about Almond Breeze. The activations resulted in over 89,000 passive impressions and over 11,200 sampling actuals.
Talk of the Town
Out-of-Home Collateral
The perennial captive audience is the one sitting on the subway or standing in line at the grocery store. Passively reaching consumers throughout their daily routines builds brand affinity and increases market reach. Print collateral is still the gold standard of advertising.

The TTC is the main set of arteries for movement around Toronto. Ads weren’t simply placed on streetcars - streetcars were taken over. Fully skinned exteriors and panoramic interior banners with trails of almonds guided passengers to “Discover Great Taste."
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