3 Truths in the age of Covid-19

Truth 1: This is the most engaged and captive audience in history.

People all around the globe are isolated, ravenously trying to connect with the world through their devices.


Truth 2: The social media feed has become the most valuable advertising space on Earth.

Overnight, the world’s media has converged into a single platform: Social Media has become the town square, the billboard, the bus stop, the tabloid, and broadcast spot.


Truth 3: Brands that build connections and trust with their audience will gain market share.

Consumers have put priority on their safety and well-being, while anxiously waiting for brands to show action and leadership — they want to know who to trust and support through the crisis and reopening.


What does this all amount to?

Despite the slashed budgets, smaller teams, and challenges of working remotely, it is now more important than ever to keep your brand’s social media calendar full and consistently update your audience with entertaining, agile, and genuine content.
Passive Production

Can you foresee a need to share the work your brand is doing right now? Are you adapting to stay open for business? Are you innovating to keep your consumers safe?

Seeing is believing, which is reason-enough to invest in documenting your brand’s experience through this moment and producing content right away. We will build a toolkit of entertaining assets for you to release to stay agile on social media as the pandemic evolves and society reopens.


Who wants to think about planning a production, let alone a big campaign right now?

Stay nimble! You do not need a fully-realized creative platform to connect with your audience and plan for the future. Once you give us a green light, we’ll get started on production — And your team will have a fully turnkey experience with all the control of being right there with us at the shoot, without ever needing to leave your home office (aka couch).

I want to make sure I get exactly what I need. Can I supervise the shoots?

Absolutely! Join us on set virtually through-live stream. Monitor the action live from our main camera on your own device to provide feedback and approval every step of the way.


I love how our work looks already! Can you make it look the same?

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel — We’re happy to work with your existing look-and-feel to keep your brand’s momentum strong.


I don’t have the resources to plan out every piece of creative anymore.

That’s okay, we will do the planning for you. Send us your brand book and we’ll get started.


I need content yesterday! How quickly can you send me a social post?

Depending on the scope of work, we can turn content around as fast as 24 hours from greenlight.


How do I get started?

Click over to the Contact page and say hello.
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