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We are Multi-Platform Story Tellers premeating life through video, mobile, web + design
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Watch celebrity chef, Christine Tizzard introduce Philips' innovative new Pasta Maker in a video series featuring her delicious and easy-to-make homemade recipes.
#ScriptWriting #VideoProduction #FoodStyling

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Project Story

Our motion infographic for Roxul cuts through the noise and proves insulating your building is the best solution for energy efficiency. #ScriptWriting #MotionGraphics #StudioVoiceover

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Project Story

The Cattitude campaign focused on bringing the Purina Cat Chow into social media. Dynamic online ads encouraged users to download an iPhone app and share other viral components.

If you're an ambitious brand, Then we have a whole lot in common
Services We Provide

Whether it’s your company’s goal to diversify its consumer base, expand its presence, or launch a new product, we specialize in matching the right message to the right consumer using the right medium.

  • Corporate Identity
  • Campaign Development
  • Cross-Platform Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Experiential + Event Marketing
  • Product Launch
  • Target Analytics
Consumers Want Clarity, The message is the clearest when delievered to the right customer, through the right medium.
Charted Brands
CIBC, Epson, New Era, Nestle, CFL, Government Canada, Yellow Pages, Media Planet, Staples, Western University
Daring Ideas make advertising an adventure
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